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  • The commercial water dispenser is filtered by RO reverse osmosis. RO reverse osmosis is a kind of pure water that can be directly consumed by humans without any compound added after the original water is filtered (physical method) through international popular reverse osmosis. Machine (also known as terminal water purification equipment).
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Product introduction
The commercial drinking water equipment is filtered by RO reverse osmosis. RO reverse osmosis is a kind of reverse osmosis method which is popular in the world. After the raw water is filtered (physical method), no compound is added to produce human direct drinking. Pure water machine (also known as terminal water purification equipment).
1. Beautiful and generous floor-standing design, with a platform for placing thermos in one piece
2. The water tank adopts 304 food grade stainless steel, in line with national standards.
3. LED display intelligent design, can display time, temperature, water status, etc., can set time function and automatic switch machine
4. Stepping principle, water is fed from the bottom, water is introduced layer by layer, layer by layer heating, eliminating yin and yang water and thousands of boiling water, health and energy saving
5. Temperature adjustable design to ensure pure boiling water
6. Built-in large water tank, can be used to open a drink, guarantee water supply
7. Anti-leakage, anti-steam, anti-over-temperature, anti-electric shock, anti-dry, anti-water shortage

Technical parameter
Scope of application
Drinking water from schools, families, government units and living quarters: secondary treatment of tap water, removing a large amount of suspended solids, colloids and particles in the water, making the tap water clean, clear and transparent.
Application model