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Product introduction
1, pressureless liner design
2, using warm water to save 80% energy (warm water can adjust the temperature)
3, the water does not open without water
4. Hydropower linkage control
5, time switch machine
6, regular disinfection / one-button disinfection
7, regular water change / emptying
8, intelligent weak current control
9, intelligent anti-dry system
10, fault code display
11, support extended IoT function (for remote control)
12, splash water luxury sink
13, silent relay
14, luxury LCD display
15, support extended TDS value display
16, support filter life management
17, luxury aluminum alloy package molding
18, full body high-end drawing anti-fingerprint stainless steel
Technical parameter
Scope of application
It is suitable for use in offices, schools, stations, machine Yang, hospitals, canteens and other places where water is supplied.
Customizable plus faucet heightening (for boiling water)